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1. If you are on the HOME-page : You will be able to see the Dream college section. Under Dream college there are various types of course categories are given.Click on image of the category that you want.2. If you are not on HOME-page : We recommend you to go to HOME page & follow the 1st process.3. If you don't want to go on HOME-page Please, search your course name in the search bar given on the top or in the sidebar.
1. If you know your college name then, type your college name in the search bar.2. If you don't know your college name then please search your college by city name, state name,course name, country name.
Yes, you can search college by keywords like, "top ten college in country-name", "top ten college in city name","top ten college in state name", "top ten engineering college","top ten private engineering college in country name/state name/city name." You can search your college by its name, location name, course offered name, college short name.
Yes, if you don't like typing then go in the sidebar (right side of every page) and then see the section "category" and choose your need. You will get the same result.
Definitely, you are reading post about college in a language other than "ENGLISH". Please click on the see rating option or READ IN ENGLISH to see rating of college or to rate college. Because, we have restricted rating on other native language so that we can save our visitors from confusion. You can do rating and see rating only on English posts.
Please, go to the bottom pf every post and there will be a section "SHARE TO AWARE". Just choose your social networking sites on which you want to share our post.
Please go to the sidebar(right side of every page). On the top you will see a section of popular and recent posts. By default, we have set it to popular posts but if you want to see recent post then you can click on "RECENT" to see recent posts.Other way to see recent posts : Go to footer(below of every page) and there you will find "RECENT POST". By default there will be two recent post's name displayed.
At the bottom of every post, you will see the icons of thumbs up and thumbs down on the right side of post. Click of thumb up to like and thumb down to dislike.
At the bottom of every post you will see related posts,just before rate college form.
Please go to the sidebar (right side of every page) and see the section Follow Us there you will find social icons. Click on the social icons on which you want to follow ecposecollege.Or go to the footer(bottom of every page) and you will see follow us there just click on that to follow.
Why not ? METHOD 1 Please go to bottom of page there you will find SERVICES section. Inside services you will find "Newsletter". Click on that and fill the form to be updated.METHOD 2 Go to bottom of page and there you will see SUBSCRIBE section. Just fill the form.
First go to contact page and fill the form. Or, go to bottom of page there you will find CONTACT US section. Get the email id from there and mail us.
Please, fill the details that are star marked as these are necessary.
Ok, go to the bottom of page and see the section comments. Inside comments section you will see two recent comments by default.
Ok, go to the bottom of page there you will find "TESTIMONIALS" section. Inside that you will be able to see two testimonials by default.
Why not? Just, go to bottom of page there you will find "MONTHLY POST" just after total sites visits. Choose the month and read all the posts.
Yes, of course If you are running our website on laptop desktop then you will be able to clearly see the Blogs option on the top. Just click on that.if you are running on mobile then you will see navigation bar(three white horizontal lines), click on that to expand and after that you will find Blogs. Just click on that and see all the posts.
Yes, you can. Go to sidebar (right side of every page). Find a section "TRENDING WORLD" and there you can see top colleges in the entire world. You can search these by keywords like world, top colleges of world. Or you can go to category and select world.
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